To find out which place might be the right one for you is not an easy task. You may end up in a place where it gets hard to integrate, or where you will find easily a job, but not enough motivation for the remaining 16 hours of the day.

We always suggest to plan thoroughly your move, according on your economical possibilities and your professional qualifications. We are here to help you understanding which might be the right place for you. We will have a 60 minutes conference call on Skype where, after analyzing your CV and goals, we will provide you the information you need in order to find out which country and workplace may fit you best.


You can book this service through Paypal (also with credit and debit card), don’t forget to set your e-mail and Skype contact as reference in order to let us know how to contact you.

If you wish to pay through bank transfer, here’s what you need

IBAN: IT85O0200848310000105105157
Company name: Willy Worka
Set your e-mail and the wished service as a reference, so that we can contact you as soon as possible.