Verko Project

August2014BlogKH.pngRealising that a large number of the people that used our website were students looking to broaden their horizons, we’ve decided to launch a brand new project – Verko. Verko means “Job” in Esperanto.

We want to work with high schools in more remote areas of developed countries, particularly those in towns with lower average incomes or higher unemployment, and offer students of those high schools our services at a heavily discounted rate.

A normal customer would  pay about 10 Euros for a Skype counselling conference or 7 Euros for the translation of a CV: for this project we want to provide either a free counselling session to any senior student that purchases a CV translation, or to provide every service I offer at a 50% discount. The goal is to help open up the future possibilities for these students, and give them a broader view about their career opportunities. This may be particularly appealing and valuable for those that do not wish, or are unable, to proceed with university after high school, or those want to take a year off before enrolling in an academic course.

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