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dreamjobnexIf you have a company, or represent a company, you might have some open positions with specific language requirements and would like us to share them in Willy Worka in order to boost your chances of getting a native speaker of the target language to fill them.

We do it in a quick, cheap and professional way! And you decide how you want us to share it.

Before asking us to post a job for you, please read the following requirements:

  • The position should require the knowledge of a language which is not officially or commonly spoken in the country where the job should be done. The  internal communication language must be one between English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. You can see the languages we cover on our home page. We don’t have your target language? Let us know and, in case we think it is relevant, we will add it!
  • We don’t do Network Marketing, MLM etc.
  • We don’t share Internships, even if paid.
  • We don’t take referral programs into consideration.
  • Despite appreciating this form of cooperation, we are not available to post volunteering positions – fully paid positions only.
  • We consider remote working positions so long as they are for proper employment within your company (no external contractor employment so the employee doesn’t have to build up his/her own company), with the requirement of being in the same city or country where the job is performed.
  • We do not take in consideration short term jobs of less than one month. If you have a short term position for between one and three months employment we require you to provide accommodation for the successful applicant. Over three months? We will happily share it here!
  • If your company already has a career page where the job offer is available, just send us the link. We are also able to help you to write the job post if needed, but please provide us as many details as possible (Tasks, Skills, Qualifications and Working Conditions etc.).
  • If you own a small business and you don’t have a company e-mail or a website, please provide us some proof that it’s a registered business and you are running it.

Have more questions? Contact us.

Does the position(s) you’d like to post adhere to these requirements? Then here’s what we can offer. Click on a service to be taken to the information and purchase page.