ikeaHow many times you were prepared and self confident until the last second before sitting down in front of the recruiter? And how often you started to sweat and stutter, compromising your chances to get the job? Also, are you confident that you can hold a job interview in a foreign language?

We can offer you the simulation of a 45 minutes long Skype interview with our experts. At the end, you will receive a report where we will underline your strong and weak points, letting you know where you have to work in order to perform better at your next opportunity.

At the moment, this service is available for interviews in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, German and Hungarian.


You can book this service through Paypal (also with credit and debit card), don’t forget to set your e-mail and Skype contact as reference in order to let us know how to contact you.

If you wish to pay through bank transfer, here’s what you need

IBAN: IT85O0200848310000105105157
Company name: Willy Worka
Set your e-mail and the wished service as a reference, so that we can contact you as soon as possible.