Intervista de “Il Fatto Quotidiano” ad Enrico, fondatore di Willy Worka (in italian)

guidoboldoniGuido, Naples

Talking with Willy Worka opened my mind for the huge preparation and provided me so much needed information, with great attention to detail. It gives you a 360° vision, helping you to evaluate correctly your prospects and the destination you will choose. I appreciated the courtesy of the founder, who made me comfortable and replied promptly to many questions and doubts.

Elena, BrindisiIMG_20160915_1000591.jpg

I could get Willy Worka’s assistance at its first steps and Enrico was really competent and available. First I was assisted in translating and fixing my CV. After a long talk on Skype, I received information related to the countries where I wanted to work and others about places which were rather unknown to me. The suggestions were fundamental in order to continue by myself with other job opportunities abroad. I suggest Willy Worka to those who do not know where to start to get a job abroad, and those who have an idea and need to balance pro and cons.

image1 (3)Margherita, Stockholm

I can say I was the first experiment of Willy Worka’s founder, Enrico. The “Franktestein” from where the concept of the project was established. I was planning to move to Sweden, a country that fascinated me during some vacations. Trying without any plan was not an option, I should have gone with a job: but how? Enrico could make my native language a strong skill and helped me to find a job within “Made in Italy” business, in my case Interior Design. With some luck, I spent more than two years designing in the Swedish capital!

pietro-acquistapacePietro, Milan

Enrico and Marietta are really helpful, competent and prepared. Thanks to their personal experience, at Willy Worka they know what looking for a job abroad means, and because of that they can give a huge hand to those who want to have an experience in another country, either for a short or longer term. Willy Worka helped me in creating a useful and attractive CV, to give more value to my working experiences, but most of all to orientate myself in the international job market. A precious help by people who absolutely know what they are doing!