cookingdogsCVs and Cover Letters have to be flawless, full stop. A small mistake can affect your chances to get your previous experience noticed, the same applies to a poor layout or bad content choices.

We are here to help you making your CV and Cover Letter shine! If you want us to proofread your translated CV and Cover Letter or you need some help to understand where to improve it graphically, this is the right place for you!

Beware that, due to the nature of our services, we do take care directly of documents in English, while other languages will be processed by external collaborators.


English – 7€


Other Languages 14€

You can book this service through Paypal (also with credit and debit card), don’t forget to set your e-mail and Skype contact as reference in order to let us know how to contact you.

If you wish to pay through bank transfer, here’s what you need

IBAN: IT85O0200848310000105105157
Company name: Willy Worka
Set your e-mail and the wished service as a reference, so that we can contact you as soon as possible.