Content Review and Translation

translationThis is the most complete service for overhauling your CV and Cover Letter, as we are going to polish both of them for an extremely competitive price.

We will analyse the effectiveness of your layout, content and details, as well as give you valuable advice in order to customise it for future job applications.

Please be aware that while we work directly with documents in English, we do have documents in other languages reviewed by trusted 3rd party collaborators. This is to ensure we can provide you the best possible service.

English – 12€
Other languages     24€

You can book this service securely through PayPal (also with credit and debit card). Don’t forget to use your e-mail and Skype/Facebook contact as reference in order to let us know how to contact you.

Want to pay in your own currency and avoid paying commissions? We also offer payment through TransferWise.


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