Chef (Italian)

Where: Trondheim (Norway)

Extent of Work. Full Time

Click here to apply in English

We are looking for three positions as chef / cook. There are opportunities for permanent employment after the summer. The everyday tasks will include preparing the fresh dishes from the a la carte menu and following the HACCP-systemrequirements.

**About working at Una:** We are looking for you with a positive attitude, and who contribute to a good working environment. You should enjoy working in a hectic environment and be able to handle stress well. Una Pizzeria has a fantastic environment with an open kithcen, vibrating buzz and autentic feeling. We have a passion for Italian cuisine, with our kitchen staff mainly being Italians. The pizzeria is the heart of the restaurant, but the kitchen is not at all forgotten. We stirve to serve the best pasta dishes in the city and are pround to see the fantasitc feedback our guests give us on social media.

A cook with us should be responsible and have a good knowledge of Italian food, and at the same time have a good mood in a busy working day. We are especially looking for you who take your job seriously and who see the importance of good team work and clean work space in a kitchen.

We are usually open Monday – Saturday from 11 and Sunday from 12.00. The kitchen closes at 23:00. Due to the covid situation, the opening hours are currently reduced, but we aim for normal operation by the end of April.

Today’s opening hours (08.03): Sunday- Friday from 15.00 and Saturday from 13.00.

About the position: We are looking for a skilled chef / cook to work around 150 hours per month. During june-august we expect that you can pick up more shifts. You must be able to work 2 of 3 weekends and evening as well as day time. The everyday tasks will include everyday prep, preparing pizza from the a la carte menu, and following the HACCP-system requirements.


  • preparing food from the menu
  • following HACCP-req. and dayily routines
  • production and MEP
  • cleanliness in the kitchen


  • Prepare food according to recipies and instruction
  • Taste your food before sending it out
  • Control of you section and food dockets
  • Preparing food in time with other chefs / collaboration
  • Following dayily routines


  • Well-documented relevant experience as pasta/starter/grill chef
  • Able to speak and be understood in English / first interview will be held in English
  • Only applicants with min. 2 years relevant experience will be considered
  • Completed courses in IK-food or other are considered an advantage
  • good ability to mulitask thru reading dockets, preparing food and communicate

Personal requirements

  • thrives on working in a hectic work environment
  • service minded
  • works structued and tidy
  • high work ethic
  • have good collaboration skills

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