Customer Care Expert (Italian)

Where: Tel Aviv (Israel)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

You are:

A professional with 1+ years’ experience in Customer Service, in tech or similar industries. You are also a native Italian speaker, proficient in communicating both in writing and verbally. You find meaning and pleasure in helping others succeed, enjoy building personal relationships and are curious to know what really drives users and their needs. You have strong critical thinking skills and are confident about taking responsibility and ownership. You hold yourself to high performance standards and work to improve constantly.

You’re eager to explore new technologies, and can learn new concepts and solve problems thoughtfully and effectively. You thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and look at change as an opportunity to grow. You also realize there is more than one career ladder, and have the drive to find your own career path – recognizing your strengths and interests.

As a Customer Care Expert, you will:

  • Build strong connections with Wix users, uncover their needs and help guide them through their user journey, offering them new options and alternatives where appropriate.
  • Communicate with Wix users on a daily basis, mainly using written channels such as tickets and chat.
  • Develop expertise in Wix products and stay up to date on new features and improvements.
  • Represent the user voice within the company and participate in projects to analyze user behavior.
  • Influence the way we provide training to improve Experts’ product knowledge.
  • Work to improve the quality of our support by identifying knowledge gaps and problematic flows.
  • Work closely with other professional teams within the department such as quality control, advanced technical support, knowledge base, learning & development, as well as our product support teams with the shared mission of providing the greatest care for our users.

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