Sales Associate (Italian)

Where: Zürich (Switzerland)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Job Summary:

An opportunity to be a part of the growing 21Shares distribution team helping develop client and distribution relationships and brand recognition in Italy and Italian speaking Switzerland.

Key Accountabilities and Scope:


  • Build and maintain relationships with online brokers in Italian speaking regions and (working with internal teams where necessary) ensure availability of products and data on those platforms.
  • Coordination with research and design on preparation of appropriate sales materials, presentations and webinars for audience.
  • Coordinate promotions with online brokers/business partners/other third parties.


  • Development and maintenance of key contacts and potential clients.
  • Market research including cold calls to institutions to identify institutional interest.
  • Arranging and attending meetings with own key contacts and developed potential clients.
    • Supporting senior sales including:
    • Scheduling of and attendance at meetings;
    • Meeting follow up.
  • Coordination with research and design on preparation of presentations and sales materials.
  • Planning events and webinars – both in house and with distribution partners.
  • Ensuring distribution of materials to appropriate audience through use of CRM system.

Skills required:

  • At least 2 years distribution experience with experience in ETFs or funds preferred by not necessary.
  • Experience with client acquisition including arranging and leading client engagements.
  • Interest in cryptocurrencies required.
  • Ability to work with internal teams outside of sales.
  • Desire to work in a small fast-paced and growing team.
  • A self-starter who takes initiative.
  • Keen to learn and develop.
  • Self-organised.

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