Where: Trondheim (Norway)

Extent of Work: Full Time, Fixed Term

Click here to apply in English

We are looking for three seasonal positions as pizzaiolo. The everyday tasks will include everyday prep, preparing pizza from the a la carte menu, and following the HACCP-system requirements.

We offer a approx 150 hours pr month position as pizzaiolo working with a rotating owen, high quality pizza dough and the romana style.

We seek a person who is well-experienced with Italian pizza, high pace and has a passion for pizza.


The applicant must have well-documented relevant experience, minimum 3 years. You must also be service minded, structured and tidy. In the kitchen, you can count on hectic days and should enjoy high speed.++Required language skill is English.++

Experience / education

  • minimum 4 years of experience as pizzaiolo
  • experience with the Italian kitchen
  • Able to speak and be understood in English / first interview will be held in English

Wanted qualifications:

  • Chef certificate / pizzaiolo diploma will be positive
  • HACCP course
  • good ability to mulitask thru reading dockets, preparing pizza and communicate

Personal qualities:

  • structured
  • works tidy
  • positive attitude
  • responsible

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