Customer Interaction Agent (Italian)

Where: Barcelona (Spain)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Main purpose: 

Execution of the best in class service through effective interactions with customers to ensure customers’ business needs are fulfilled and sales targets are met in partnership with the Commercial organization.

Key tasks & responsabilities:

Interact with customers (directly and via sales team members):

-Orchestrate the service relationship, acting as primary contact for assigned customer accounts.
-Analyze account history, understand the region’s supply needs, help make decisions to optimize orders and product deliveries.
-Provide information on orders, supply availability, timing, updates on products, programs, etc.
-Reach out to customers for missing Customer Master data information to process sales orders.
-Seek customer feedback to track satisfaction level and identify solutions to improve experience. 

Resolve any immediately addressable customer requests:
-Receive requests from customers and sales team members via unstructured communication (phone, email, etc.) 
-Address any immediately resolvable requests (e.g. in order management – order entry, status check; in order fulfillment – scheduling, etc, ad-hoc – product returns, transfers, delivery complaints, etc).
-Manage research, resolution, documentation and communication for complaints & errors (incl. Delivery)
-Involve Customer Operations for resolution of non-immediately resolvable requests.

Partner with Commercial /Supply Chain team:
-Influence product take and delivery timing to achieve financial targets.
-Provide overall business update and customer account info (e.g. availability dates, delivery forecast, targets, progress).
-Monitor customer prioritization, delivery forecast targets and support product allocation management.
-Conduct training sessions and influence customers to adopt new processes, tools, and systems.
-Identify and implement improvements in operational efficiency, customer experience, etc.

-Understand Commercial Policies and Contractual Terms and Conditions, ensuring adherence of the processes to them.
-Partner with Finance/Credit Management
-Cooperate for monitoring the credit status of the orders

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