Account Manager (Italian)

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

About the role

As an Account Manager at Inrego’s international division, you do B2B business and build long-term relationships with international customers and partners in over 90 countries. You will work with responsibility for the entire sales process, everything from negotiation, logistics, administration in our systems, to closing deals, follow-up on sales and RMA management with customers of said deals. 

Our International division currently consists of 14 people with 9 nationalities, 10 lanugages spoken and the age range is between 23-45 years old. Our internal communication language is mainly Swedish and English.

Initially, the work is largely about new customer processing in both new and existing markets. The long-term goal is to have about 20-30 accounts with a turnover of 3,5-4 million Euros per year. You will be part of an experienced team, which is the market leader and as the new account manager you will be assigned a sponsor who will support and give advice during the first time.

 Your profile

• Rough understanding of how a computer’s hardware works

• The ability to work independent and take your own initiatives

• Basic knowledge of Excel

• Be able to have a dialogue in Italian and English – both speaking and in writing.

• Ability to multitask and be able to prioritize

• Experience of sales work

• You are sensitive to your customers’ needs

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