Baker (Italian)

Where: Herlev, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English via e-mail

I have a little italian bakery called Profumo di pane in Herlev, located 10 km from Copenhagen. Profumo di pane is a little lab where we only produce handmade bread.

Now I am looking for a baker who can manage , after a training period , all the steps in bread production , from dough to cooking . After several bad experiences with some “bakers” , I have decided to do a harder selection. Unfortunately, I cannot consider and therefore I cannot answer to them , who don´t have the requirements listed below :

  • I need someone who is fresh and active, preferibly between 167 and 175 cm high. I know it sounds strange, but it is actually pretty important , because if someone is too short , then it is hard to reach the oven and the high shelves . And if someone is too high , then it is easy to get pain in the back after standing up many hours and bending over to work on a low table. This is what I have experienced with some people , who quit the job because of that.
  • It is really important to be a cleaned person, with a good personal hygiene and preferably a non smoker.
  • 1 year experience in the handmade bread production is also required. I work without machines and I don´t use chemical products on dough or bread and I hope I can find someone , who can work in the same way. Of course the first period is dedicated to learning and training , but it is important to know the basics of the job.
  • Be on time, have a good energy and good will are some of the most appreciated features.

First of all the new baker has to learn my own working way and production way. After that , I expect to see will of collaborate. I mean with that the capability of change things in order to improve and increase the production. I am not interested in someone who wants to change the identity of my bakery, or someone who thinks to know the better way to do this job . Humbleness is also a really appreciated quality.

At Profumo di pane you can find :

  • Possibility to professional and economical growth ;
  • A young owner, who is committed in creating a good and stimulating working environment, where everyone can be appreciated for working hard.
  • Working hours are from 6 pm to 2 am, 5 or 6 nights a week , that can be discussed. Holidays and free days can be planned according to the danish low. I use to talk about the salary during the first job interview.

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