Content Writer (Hungarian)

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a Hungarian speaking content writer who will be responsible for the content creation of our new Hungarian sports betting websites.

  • You have a general interest in internet publishing and are willing to learn new things about content creation on the internet.
  • It’s a big plus if you are interested in sports betting and have a good knowledge of sports betting.
  • You are excellent at expressing yourself in written Hungarian.
  • It’s a big plus if you have previous experience of working with SEO. If not, we expect you to be eager to learn everything there is to know about SEO and to become an expert within the field.
  • You are a competitive person who wants to achieve results and always strive to do your best.
  • You are a self-driven person who likes to try out new things and take responsibility for your own projects.

Job description

Depending on your current work situation and whether you would be looking for employment or for freelance work, we can customize the workload from 20 hours a week to full-time employment. We are also able to offer you a remote position if you live abroad, but we prefer that you are based in Stockholm and work from our office.

Your work tasks will include the following:

  • Responsibility for writing sports betting related content in Hungarian for new websites targeting the Hungarian market.
  • Responsibility to update and organize the content for the Hungarian websites you are responsible for.
  • Optimize your websites from a SEO perspective.
  • Optimize your websites from a UX perspective.

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