Digital Editor (English)


Where: Turin (Italy)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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This role will work within the Digital Media Content Team and will be responsible for the social media content development. Together with other editors, he/she will work in strict cooperation with the Digital Marketing Team.

Main Duties and Resposibilities:
The Digital Editor will:
– oversee digital content ideation and creation on Juventus’ English language digital platform, managing the English digital team day-to-day at the Juventus HQ while working closely with Italian language editors
– participate in content planning with team
– oversee communication and updating of our team of international editors to ensure best practice is followed across platforms posting Juventus content while localizing where applicable
– stay on top of digital content best practice ensuring that Juventus FC is always on top of the latest trends and remains an industry leader in digital media and branding
– lead the liaising with Italian editors to announce team news on social ensuring that press releases and club statements are released in tandem with international editors

Education and work experience:
– Bachelor’s Degree as minimum required in Journalism (as preferred), Communication, Literature, or equivalent
– 3/4 experience in managing social media for a well-known brand, with website content management system, developed around a professional sports or entertainment environment with athletes or entertainers
– Past experience and attitude to work in front of the camera
– Comprehensive understanding of best practice with regard to content creation, social media and website management
– Deep knowledge of branding with regard to digital content and brand management
– Ability to quickly create engaging, short copy for social media posts
– Deep knowledge and passion for European football and Italian SERIE A

Technical competences:
– Strong writing, editing and communication skills
– Comprehensive knowledge of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Tik Tok best practice; complete understanding and aptitude for digital and social media with knowledge of best practice across platforms
– Professional knowledge of video editing for social media purposes
– Professional knowledge of Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite
– Native English Speaker with a good understanding, reading and speaking of Italian. Spanish knowledge is a plus

Personal strengths:
– Able to manage multiple tasks at one time
– Comfortable in a fast-paced high-pressure environment
– Strong attention to detail
– Highly organized with the sense of urgency to highly sensitive news
– Strong team-working skills
– Flexible approach to working hours

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