Disputes Officer (Portuguese)

Where: Bucharest (Romania)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Job Description

  • Record /upload disputes from various channels and assign the correct dispute code from the standard set of codes;
  • Capture additional information (from dispute originator or third party) and/or detailed problem explanation and register in the system;
  • Stop invoice from further being produced (if applicable) by flagging this in the system;
  • Contact relevant stakeholder if required (by phone/ email/ fax if external, or by workflow if internal) in dependent on the dispute resolution procedure;
  • Investigate dispute, verify corrective steps and share the solution proposal with relevant stakeholders;
  • Take actions regarding the shared solution with stakeholders, record solution details in the system and close the dispute;
  • Analyze dispute root source and cause by downloading and assessing invoice dispute management reports from the system;
  • Identify problems and summarize possible corrective actions;
  • Communicate root causes that come from a local department to local F&A and Local Dispute Coordinator;
  • Support the Invoice to Cash process manager and Payment allocation Team Leader in achieving the process objectives;
  • Deliver service in line with agreed controls and procedures;
  • Strive for high levels of customer service.


  • Written and spoken ability to communicate inPortuguesefor client interaction (C1);
  • Good English (B2);
  • 0-2 years relevant experience (depending on the position’s career level);
  • Experience with accounting systems, cash applications, customer service, SAP would be a plus;
  • Competent Microsoft Office user: Excel, Word and Power Point;
  • Ability to solve urgent matters and work under pressure;
  • Ability to prioritize and schedule workload;
  • Reliable, active approach striving for process improvement;
  • Responsibility, accuracy;
  • Team player.

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