Synopsis Writer (Arabic)

Where: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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In a Typical Day …
You’ll be expected to research titles and gather information from regional, Arabic-language sources, but write clear, engaging, accurate copy in English.  You have to be familiar with the 14 different dialects and have a solid command of the Egyptian variant and Modern Standard Arabic.
You’ll write title-level synopses with a special focus on local-origin content, and you’ll work with a talented team of entertainment writers, editors and colleagues across the globe to build context around titles and help connect users to the content they love.
Occasionally, you’ll apply your writing expertise and passion for MENA film and television to cross-functional innovation projects, collaborating with other writing, analysis,  translation, design and product teams. Our team is largely remote, so you’ll use Slack, Google Hangouts, email and other digital tools to communicate about assignments, projects and publishing deadlines.
This position will demand daily communication with teams in California and Europe, and occasional visits to the offices.

What Will Help You Succeed

  • Deep content and cultural knowledge about MENA media, including current trends in entertainment. Simply put, you’re a superfan who’s excited to write about film and TV from the region — and help get Netflix members around the globe get excited about it, too.
  • Experience and comfort collaborating with multifaceted digital production teams.
  • A love of language. Even though you’re an expert with deep knowledge, you’ll always write with an empathetic understanding of your audience in mind. You must be comfortable with rigorous editing, tight deadlines and workshopping copy with a team of writers and editors.
  • Flexibility and versatility as a writer. Whether the assignment at hand is a highbrow film, a blockbuster romcom or an animated educational series for kids, you understand that different types of content should have copy tailored to their respective tones.
  • A commitment to our team’s core values, like candid feedback, passion and curiosity.

Key Qualifications

  • Native fluency in English and Arabic, which will be critical to understand and evaluate Arabic-language content without subtitles
  • A nuanced perspective on Arabic-language media
  • 5+ years relevant writing experience
  • Exceptional ability in short-form writing and editing
  • Independent and self-motivated
  • Understanding of AP style
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Outstanding communication skills

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