Transcriber AR-DK-NO

Where: Tampere (Finland)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English via e-mail

Click here to see other job offers in Arabic, Danish or Norwegian

This Involves Various Language Processing Tasks

Transcribers work on the international aspects of an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, and improve its ability to understand and respond to the user accurately.

    • Transcription
    • Evaluation of texts and audio.
    • Annotation & categorization of words
    • Timestamping



  • Available to work part-time or full-time hours at Lionbridge’s premises in Tampere, Finland, starting January
  • Native language skills in one of the languages
    • Norwegian
    • Danish
    • Spanish Mexico
    • Chinese Simplified
    • Chinese HK
    • Chinese TW
    • Thai
    • Arabic Egypt
    • Hindi
    • Korean
    • Dutch
    • Polish
  • Excellent written and spoken English (US).
  • Excellent cultural knowledge of their own native language and country; current knowledge of day-to-day news and happenings in the native country and regular use of the language.
  • Good computer skills; comfortable working in a Windows environment.
  • Good audio listening and typing skills.
  • Organized with attention to detail; ability to closely follow-up instructions, quality standards, and productivity requirements.
  • Must have valid permission to work in Finland
  • Work will take place in a secured and monitored area. Remote work is NOT possible.

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