Copywriter (English)

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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As a Copywriter for the Marshall brand you will help shape brand experiences and set the tone of voice for the brand with clear and consistent messaging across both online and offline channels. You are an out-of-the-box thinker, who understands the Marshall point of view within the music world, and uses that knowledge to draft smart, engaging and effective marketing copy from product messaging, to social ads and beyond. This will also involve establishing a global style guide. Although you will write in native English, the Marshall copywriter will create a unified voice that works all over the world. You will be collaborating with many disciplines and will need to translate the Marshall brand with empathy and understanding.

Roles & Responsibilities
• Define, develop and maintain global copy guidelines and operational manuals for teams to use and work by, clearly articulating what the brand represents globally but also how this should be localised to empower the organisation.
• Owner of the brand style guides and glossaries. Responsible to update regularly when new products or terms are introduced.
• Continually raise the bar on creativity, writing copy that resonates with the target audience, reflects the brand values and drives action.
• Create persuasive messages and compelling stories that inform, entertain, inspire and engage whilst also generating brand loyalty in consumers. Ensure copy is authentic, unapologetic and loud, reflecting the Marshall brand.
• Write all copy for marketing collateral, across various formats and channels including packaging, print, video/film, social, digital, marketing, email, promotions, e-commerce and retail. This may include, but is not limited to;
o Product messaging (product/feature naming, taglines, descriptions, USP’s, packaging)
o E-Commerce (website, newsletters, banners, social ads, search, micro-sites)
o PR (press releases, FAQs, event invitations)
o Social (blog posts, occasional consulting on social posts)
o Retail (Point of sale displays)
o Presentations (marketing, sales or corporate)

Who we’re looking for
• Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism or related areas with an emphasis on writing, or equivalent experience
• A few years of professional experience in shaping content for lifestyle brands or working in music journalism and has a strong portfolio of work
• Native English is a must
• Well versed on music and culture
• Hands-on, fearless, self-starter, fast learner, and a team player
• Detail oriented and meticulous proofreader.


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