Chef (Italian)

Where: Marrakesh (Morocco)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Hire, train, motivate, and supervise all employees working directly and indirectly in our kitchen.
  • Prepare work Schedule for all employees of our Italian Kitchen.
  • Communicate regularly with the Executive Chef to achieve an excellent rapport throughout the food production department
  • Develop  new menu items
  • Ensure quality of all food prepared in the Italian kitchen.
  • Constantly inspect ,taste, temperature and the food presentation
  • Make sure that all dishes are uniform and that established portion sizes are adhered to.
  • Do requisition of all items needed for the following day from the food storeroom, non-food storeroom and stewarding department.
  • Ensure proper sanitation procedures are followed and the kitchen is always clean, neat and tidy.
  • Ensure all equipment is in full working order.
  • Ensure a superior production of food.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of all products prepared on a timely basis.
  • Prepare exciting and appealing room amenity when needed.
  • Establish standard recipes and ensure the compliance with them.
  • Respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
  • Perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management. This includes packaging design, procurement; marketing and merchandising of food products in conjunction with Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Director.
  • Work closely with all chefs in relation to other guest requirements

Join Our Team

Join a team that is built on mutual respect, collaboration, creativity and a commitment to the highest quality of service. Four Seasons Resort – Marrakech offers to the guest a special care and a modern take on traditional Moorish architecture next to the Menara Gardens, we provide also to our employee a haven of serenity and a good work environment and a same level of care that we expect to be shared with our clients.


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