Administrative Assistant ES-FR

Where: Helsinki (Finland)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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General description:

The administrative assistant will assist the PIC Operations Team of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in its administrative and technical tasks related to the implementation of the EU PIC Regulation. In particular, they will work in the areas of processing export notifications and Prior Informed Consent requests initiated by EU exporters and Designated National Authorities respectively


Flexibility, team spirit, sense of priority, solution and decision oriented
Customer orientation
Resilience to pressure and high workload
Experience/capacity to work with IT-based processing tools and procedures
Experience in processing high volumes of administrative/technical dossiers/enquiries, as well as proficiency in Spanish and/or French language(s), would be assets

Perform validations on PIC export notifications and related tasks.
Provide technical and regulatory support
Provide company support by drafting answers to Helpdesk questions and placing company calls, upon assignment.
Provide assistance to the development of user manuals and other materials
Support to reporting activities
Perform other duties as required.
Before appointment, successful applicants will be asked to produce an official document indicating that they do not have a criminal record.


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