Administrative Assistant AR-ES

Where: Philadelphia (United States)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Click here to see other job offers in Arabic and Spanish

-Diverse client population, really high level customer service required, phone etiquette skills need to be very high
-Needs to be very patient, friendly demeanor with families required
-This role will need to use a language line, please ensure candidates are comfortable with being trained and use the language line

-Spanish, Arabic, or Mandarin skills preferred but not required. If a candidate is bilingual, please note that in their resume. Non bilingual candidates will be considered but must have extremely good customer service skills, this is the most important skill needed for this role.

Performs secretarial and clerical duties in support of Staff.
• Open and date stamp all mail daily.
• Route incoming mail within one hour after opening to appropriate staff member.
• Transcribes and types written and dictated reports and professional correspondence for and Administration as required with less than a 5% error 90% of the time.
• Develops written correspondence according to instructional guidelines or departmental and hospital polices within requested timeliness 90% of time.
• Distributes written correspondence and other materials immediately upon completion to the appropriate staff.
• Maintains filing and retrieval systems for documents, resources and correspondence.
• Files all office correspondence and documents within 3 days 90% of the time.
• Screen inquiries about the department by phone, mail or in person; use judgment to respond to inquiries or to refer as appropriate.
• Record accurately all telephone messages, detailing the caller’s name, company, phone number, and reason for call.
• Place phone messages immediately in the appropriate designated phone slot or place message on the employee’s desk.
• Prioritizes tasks and initiates management with minimal supervision.
• Monitors inventory of office and other supplies and re-order when necessary.
• Assists in function of timekeeping and is responsible for distribution of paychecks.
• Prepares finance requests within 3 days 90% of the time and follow up as needed.
• Inputs and outputs information using the following software: Word, Excel, Access, IDX, Outlook, Lawson, Internet.
• Copies and collates documents as requested by staff or administrator staff.
• Performs back up of computer files on a regular basis to ensure integrity of records maintained.
• Performs other duties as assigned to promote overall effective coordination of Department.
• Ability to communicate and interact appropriately with patients, families, and staff with respect to age, disability, and cultural preferences.
• Able to accurately and efficiently express or exchange ideas/information by means of written and spoken word.
• Ability to provide excellent customer service to both external and internal customers, demonstrates a high degree of personal organization, meets applicable deadlines, and balances work across multiple work projects. Requires excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to operate efficiently in a high paced environment, the ability to support collaborative efforts, and the ability to quickly grasp and learn new concepts and procedures.
• Excellent computer skills including word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheet (Excel). PowerPoint and Access experience preferred.
• Excellent organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines; ability to prioritize tasks according to program needs.


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