Cash Manager ES-PT

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Business, but not as usual


• Manage the company’s internal transfer flows and schema.
• Be responsible for the manual handling of any needed adjustments to the customer ledgers
• Responsible for the company’s back office flows with support from the Junior Cash Manager.
• Manage all iZettle entities flows to the parents centralized cash pool.
• Be responsible for, and coordinate, all integration efforts relating to Cash Management as iZettle enters the world of its new parent.
• Act as Treasury’s representative in internal- and external forums relating to the cash management activities of the company.
• Responsible for all bank account admin of the group, supported by the Junior Cash Manager.

We hire people. Not CVs.

Minimum qualifications:

● We believe you have c 5-10, or more, years of experience from building, or managing, cash pools in an international context from a bank or large corp.
● You have a Master’s in Economics, Engineering or Finance.
● You know the ins and outs of MT-, CAMT-, and PAIN files, Physical- Vs Virtual Cash Pools, and you think it’s a blast!
● Strong interpersonal skills.

Preferred qualifications:

● International expertise in setting up or managing MCCY cash pools.
● Previous leadership experience.
● Previous work in migrating cash pools between jurisdictions.
● Liquidity optimization and cash concentration work.
● Workable Spanish or Portuguese is a plus, but not needed.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

● The ability, and interested, to see and understand the full value chain of payments.
● Strong interpersonal skills with a demonstrated record of establishing effective working relationships with a diverse number of departments and functions.
● Ability to communicate effectively and articulately in both oral and written communication in both Swedish and English is required.
● Strong problem solving, analytical, and organizational skills, with the ability to prioritize in a rapidly changing environment.


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