Technical Service Engineer (Spanish)

Where: Lund (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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As a Technical Services Engineer, you will be providing advanced technical support to both end users as well as Axis Partners in the Southern European (SE) region in both Spanish and English. The support function will be conducted via telephone, web portals and chat systems. This means that besides having a technical foundation, you need to be able to take very good care of the customers, which is one of Axis’ main focuses!

For example, you will:

  • Provide advanced support through Axis’ Web portal and chat system to end users, resellers/partners, and distributors
  • Work with a case driven system where you have the final responsibility towards the customer for concluding and closing your cases
  • At a professional communication level, maintain a good dialogue with the customer throughout the resolution of a support case
  • Assist primarily the sales office in your region, with both after sales and pre-sales support.
  • Build technical knowledge and contribute to developing the support function within the team

At your disposal, you will have senior Technical Services Engineers, a team of Product Specialists and all your other technical services colleagues that are able to provide product specific assistance and general help in the role. The position involves a few travels a year within Europe.

This position suits you who understand the importance of customer care and always strives to beat yesterday by constantly seeking new ways to improve the customer experience. Working as a technical service engineer also requires excellent communication and problem solving skills and we believe that being energetic and self-sufficient is important in order to be successful in this role.


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