Technical Support Engineer (French)

Where: Budapest (Hungary)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Position Summary

Our systems are provided as managed service to our customers or are owned by our customers who are predominantly electricity, gas and water utility companieslocated all around the globe. These systems are typically comprised of an application layer delivering business functionality, a networking layer delivering data communication functionality and a metering layer delivering smart electricity, gas or water metering functionality. Our technical support engineering team is responsible for troubleshooting complex problems related to the system. The primary focus is on the application layer with the expectation of resolution ownership for the networking and metering layer, while working together with the related experts.

Main Responsibilities

  • To maintain, monitor, administer and install service platform components in any of the above enumerated layers. Investigate and identify solutions in relation to product, process, software and hardware
  • Contribute to bug fixing and development to ensure customer issues are addressed and changes to product do not negatively impact the customer
  • Create and maintain system related technical documentation and training documentation. Prepare technical briefings, reports, and evaluations on system efficiency and utilization
  • Train internal employees and customers in configuration, troubleshooting and use of the systems
  • Work independently with minimal direction from supervisors. Contribute to team work and tactical team planning
  • Occasionally provide on-call support (mainly on national holidays)

Skills Required

  • MS or BS degree in Information Technology or related engineering field
  • 3-5 years of related experience
  • Understanding transactional applications connected to databases
  • Exposure to managed services environments
  • Good overall technical insight, including IT infrastructure and networking
  • Solid understanding of databases, proficiency in using existing queries and creating new ones both for MSSQL and Oracle environments
  • Proficiency in English and French

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