Client Advisor (Arabic)

Where: London (United Kingdom)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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  • Sell products in collaboration with the Sale Staff
  • Responsible for partnering with:
  • the Sale Staff throughout the entire client ceremony
  • the Sale Staff and the Stock Staff to assist in pulling product, to avoid the clients being left on the floor without service


Key Accountabilities

  • Sell product according to the DG client ceremony
  • communicate with the stock team to bring new product to the sales floor and identify low inventory to communicate to the Managers
  • responsible for gathering product and payment information from clients and bringing to cashiers to process transactions
  • Provide support to Senior Client Advisor/Client Advisors in complex interactions
  • assisting the Sale Staff and clients throughout the client ceremony
  • assisting the Sale Staff in preparing looks and assortments for clients appointments
  • packing and providing support during payment process, if needed
  • work with the cashier to identify returned product for ticketing to be placed back into stock
  • Provide a client experience in line with DG expectations, playing as a point of contact:
  • greet and qualify clients
  • welcome clients and direct them to an available Sales Manager/Senior Client Advisor/Client Advisor
  • respond to clients’ requests for information
  • offering refreshments to the clients following the DG guidelines
  • pull and replace product within the back of house following stock standards
  • ensure that selling floor is clean and tidy at all times
  • uphold housekeeping standards in all areas of the store
  • Check that all the packaging material is prepared in the dedicated area and ready to be used
  • Assist Senior Client Advisor/Client Advisors in preparing for client’s appointments, preparing consignments and closing transactions
  • Conduct all business in a professional and ethical manner to serve potential buyers and increase the goodwill and profit of the company
  • Perform other duties as directed

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