Editor (Spanish)

Where: Berlin (Germany)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

Click here to see other job offers in Spanish

You will:

  • Contribute to the creation of learning content for Mexican Spanish
  • Ideate, plan, write, edit and proofread learning content for an American English-speaking audience
  • Proofread & review texts in Spanish as a display language
  • Perform other editorial tasks such as image research and recordings
  • Coordinate and work with a team of freelancers
  • Localize other language courses for Spanish speaking markets

You have:

  • Native (Mexican) Spanish skills
  • Excellent (American) English skills
  • Other languages, also on beginner’s level (a big plus)
  • A university degree in Spanish, Education, Linguistics, Translations or a related field
  • Experience in editing, content creation for (digital) learning products and translating
  • Proven experience in teaching
  • Expertise in the field of language learning and familiarity with the digital self-study market
  • Excellent knowledge of the Spanish varieties
  • Prior experience in project management
  • A self-organized, reliable and team-oriented working style
  • A passion for languages and cultures

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