Corporate Counsel (English)

Where: Billund, Vejle (Denmark)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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You will assume a highly diverse role as Corporate Counsel covering priority tasks in both the Strategic Tasks team as well as the regional legal teams across EMEA, China/APAC and the Americas. This could be anything from covering maternity leaves to providing support for high-priority tasks for a couple of months and up to a year. When you are not occupied in the regional teams, you participate in strategic projects as responsible for legal issues. You will:

– Act as the LCR representative towards the business units on all legal matters, from handling contracts to providing legal advice across the business
– Participate in projects to drive legal workstreams and collaborate with business colleagues on issues related to e.g. new market entries, supply chain, enabling functions, procurement, online retail, etc.
– Take part in commercial and legal negotiations on behalf of business units and in strategic projects
– Manage stakeholders from all levels of management and specialists, communicating complex, legal content to business colleagues

Primarily, you will manage your tasks from Billund. However, you can expect up to 30 days of global travel a year to be present where your expertise is needed.

Strengthening the ties of our connected community

As a global group, we take pride in being a connected community of strong professional bonds between creative minds. By gaining valuable insights and engaging with multiple stakeholders from across the organisation, you will become key to increasing internal knowledge sharing and transparency throughout LCR.

Broad legal knowledge and an everlasting thirst for new challenges

You have broad knowledge within commercial law combined with a good commercial understanding and a desire to expand your knowledge to new business areas. As a person, you are curious and highly adaptable, and you quickly find your feet when you assume a new role or dive into a new legal area. And with your solid interpersonal skills, you can manage stakeholders of all levels and functions. You thrive in a global role where the challenges of today are never the same as those of tomorrow. Moreover, you:

– Have a master´s degree in law
– Have 3+ years of experience with general commercial/corporate legal work related to e.g. contracts, “brick & mortar” and/or digital retail, supply chain, procurement, HR, etc.
– Have a track record of negotiation and stakeholder management
– Speak and write English at an advanced level, so you can manage commercial and legal negotiations effortlessly


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