Team Leader in Bucharest (Romania)

Where: Bucharest (Romania)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

Team Leader – Hungarian

Essential Criteria:

At least 2 years customer services and 12 months contact centre experience.
Effective interpersonal and presentation skills, both orally and written. Able to produce concise business level reports in English.
Have business level English
You will have the resilience and confidence and gravitas to discus, debate and influence Advisors, Managers, Team Leaders and the client.
You must be able to adapt to a fast-changing environment and be able to work at pace and efficiently.
Demonstrates an ‘action focus’ approach to complete tasks and projects and be able to thrive on working to tight deadlines and under pressure.
Exercises good judgement by making sound and well-informed decisions based upon a mixture of analysis, knowledge and experience.
Numerate analytical skills, able to justify and back up proposals with facts
Able use Word, PowerPoint and Excel to intermediate level.
Professional and Technical
Experience of undertaking quality measurements; ideally in a contact centre environment.
You will have an understanding of customer experience metrics such as CSAT or NPS.
Able to blend in the technical and soft skills with QA methods and processes to support continuous improvement.
Desirable:Experience of working in an international and or multilingual environment would be welcome.
Job description
Concentrix provides multilingual customer services to General Motors’ OnStar subscribers. The service includes providing essential emergency support in time of accidents or ill health. The ability of advisors to follow procedures in multiple languages is essential in providing these time critical services. As a QA you will need to monitor advisors’ calls and provide calibrated standardised scoring, against agreed standards, and provide constructive coaching as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

About the Role:
Your primary role will be to coach and support your team members to deliver high quality customer services for inbound calls ranging from emergency services, where drivers may have become unwell or have had an accident. To helping drivers, find their way to an important meeting or their holiday destination. To do this you will be trained to use some of the most advanced technology available today.


Monitor, evaluate and score Advisor performance against agreed standards and documents for management review. Calls can be in real time or recorded.
Based on calls reviewed develop feedback for delivery by Team Leaders to help Advisors meet and exceed agreed standards.
Based on calls reviewed develop feedback and coach Advisors to improve performance to meet and exceed agreed standards.
Provide detailed recommendations on Advisors feasibility to perform at agreed standards
As a calibrated linguist, you will undertake initial language assessments as part of our recruitment process, to establish that candidates have at least the minimum acceptable level language capability appropriate for the OnStar service


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