Shipment Execution Specialist in Bangkok (Thailand)

Where: Bangkok (Thailand)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Position Purpose:
The Shipment Execution Truck Specialist is responsible for all aspects of truck shipment planning and execution, including route planning, shipment consolidation, and calling off and confirming individual loads to freight carriers.  Where issues occur during the shipment, the Shipment Execution Truck Specialist is responsible for identifying and resolving the issue by working with Cargill supply chain teams and freight carriers.  Finally, the shipment execution specialist must ensure that any required information or documents related to shipment execution are collected and recorded during the shipment execution process.
Principal Accountabilities:
• Establishes strong working relationships with carrier operators and with outside carrier owners/operators.
• Determine the best approved carrier for executing certain commodity contract in accordance with the distance covered and the freight rate.  Contacts local company approved carriers in order to confirm availability and capacity for individual shipments.
• Provides all necessary shipment information to freight carrier and receive and record confirmation that carrier has accepted each shipment.
• Contacts the sourcing
• team when there is no approved carrier for a shipment, or where the approved carriers do not have capacity for a shipment.
• Provides updates on shipment planning status to business unit supply chain people as required or requested.
• Follow up with the execution of the shipments. Monitors the status of the loading and shipment and performs track and trace activities to confirm status of shipment throughout the shipment execution process.
• Provides timely communication with carrier owners and operators, terminals, and maintains daily operational contact with clients and carriers on order/shipment information.
• Addresses service incidents and prioritizes activities and takes fast decisions to cope with a lot of variations due to – change in pick up location, bad quality of a product, denial of a customer to receive a commodity, re-routing of a travelling truck.  Operates within the transport strategy and resolves day to day issues in resourceful and effective ways and provides recommendations to support improved or cost-beneficial transport movements.
• Provides necessary information to the BU in regards to the transportation of shipments
• Handles and tracks claims coming from both Bus and carriers in cases of innon-compliance with the freight contracts requirements.
• Maximizes efficiencies and effectiveness by leveraging relationships with other colleagues and offices, and provides timely information to sales, customer service, operations, management and material handling providers to assist with order/shipment changes to optimize costs and service.
• Provides information about shipment execution with the Freight Audit and Payment employees in order to help them resolve issues regarding payments, invoices, demurrages.
• Perform miscellaneous duties as required
• Provides scanned papers to the BU with short deadlines.
• Daily KPI reporting and execution of improvement process with the team locally.
• Keeps clear track of all papers and documents proving the execution of the shipment and archives them accordingly.
• Identifies/recommends improvement opportunities between logistics service providers and the business.
• Using comprehensive knowledge of the transportation and logistics industry, makes recommendations according to that knowledge and past experience to provide business partnership.


Essential Functions/ Requirements
• Working in a large open office service oriented environment
• Flexible working schedule
• Some travel maybe required for onboarding (2-4 weeks)
Education, Experience, Skills:
• Secondary or higher education level
• 2-3 years experience in a Transportation or Forwarder role
• Experience with advance MS Excel spreadsheet data extraction
• Experience managing multiple priorities and tasks daily
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and excellent written and verbal communication skills in another East European language highly preferred (Hungarian/Slovakian/Romanian/Polish)
• Computer literacy. Knowledge of TMS required.
• Fluency in English written and verbal communication
• Intermediate knowledge of transportation & logistic market and carriers
• Good understanding of supply chain processes
• Good understanding of business functions, focused on cost and budget controls
• Systemic approach to problem solving and decision making
• Ability to set priorities and organize work
• Strong communication, listening and presentation skills
• Open to change and continuous improvement focused
• Team oriented mindset
• To be able to work under pressure and in fast changing environment
• University degree
• Experience in transport forwarding provider or Supply Chain Management



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