Content Editor in London (United Kingdom)

Where: Watford, London (United Kingdom)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Key responsibilities:

Creating and maintaining content for your site taking into consideration why customers contact us, how we categorise content and if this works for your customers, how other sites your customers access are organised and what we might view as best practice for your customers.

Monitoring the effectiveness of content delivered and learning how each delivery can be improved to increase deflection and customer satisfaction.

You will ensure that content is accurate, up to date and that it is presented in a way that will connect with your specific audience whilst maintaining the overall ASOS tone of voice.

You will be Customer Care’s primary translator for the Spanish language and be required to provide translations to support the department as well as the wider business.

Ensuring customer care advisors have accurate and up to date content to use when replying to customers across various contact channels. This includes and is not limited to, being an expert in your markets business processes.

Ensuring that best practice is shared with fellow Editors and that where single sources of data / input (e.g. customs and duty rules from the tax team and delivery solutions) exist that you agree who will lead on behalf of the whole team to manage that relationship and SLAs.

You will be an expert in the capability of our current systems to provide customer self-service but will also look out for other technologies that could support our agenda and make recommendations with your colleagues to the Customer Care Leadership Team regarding future investments.

Ensuring all relevant legislation, regulation and policies are complied with.

Working with colleagues in the Transformation Team and more broadly in Customer Care, you will help the Customer Care Leadership Team develop the Customer Care strategy contributing ideas to ensure that ASOS Customer Care is synonymous with quick, easy, positive customer care and that we are leaders in using new channels to enable customers to answer the questions they have themselves.

Quality marking Customer Care responses to ensure advisors are adhering to business processes and the use of correct language and tone of voice for the ASOS brand.

As an influencer in Customer Care you will also be responsible for working collaboratively to ensure that:

  • All areas of Customer Care are working effectively, supporting colleagues where necessary.
  • Messages are delivered consistently and in support of the overall Customer Care Strategy and your colleagues.

You will represent your area as well of those of your colleagues in Customer Care as appropriate in meetings with other teams across ASOS honestly communicating our performance and plans and providing Customer Care input when requested.


  • HAVING A PASSION FOR OUR CUSTOMERS: making the customer the deciding factor for success
  • POWERFUL COMMUNICATOR: fluency in written and spoken English and native fluency in the written and spoken language of your site
  • ANALYTICAL PROBLEM SOLVER: ability to anticipate customer / business needs and requirements through monitoring and analysing reports and proposed content and maintain good relationships with other teams
  • LEADING THE WAY: creating a compelling and defining vision and goals, providing a personal example for people to follow
  • WORKING WITH and INFLUENCING OTHERS: communicating with impact and effectiveness, actively listening to understand and adapt where necessary
  • EMBRACING CHANGE: supporting change – being flexible and adaptable, rising to the challenge and focusing on the opportunities rather than the barriers

Essential experience:

  • Experience working in translations between Spanish/English.
  • Experience of developing self-service content and driving advisor-assisted contact reductions
  • Experience of offering high quality customer care in the geography you are supporting
  • Analysing data and making findings available and meaningful
  • Flexible approach to cope with a fast changing environment
  • Strong knowledge of the variety of technologies and channels used at the customer interface
  • Systems implementation experience an advantage
  • E-commerce and social channel experience and advantage

What Success Looks Like:

  • % of customers self-serving and contacts deflected from the contact centre
  • Customer Satisfaction and NPS Scores
  • Quality score
  • First contact resolution
  • Contacts per order (split by self-serve and advisor assisted service)
  • Cost per contact
  • Shape It survey and employer NPS

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