Planning Manager in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Where: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Purpose of the position

The PMEL Manager will develop a high level PMEL vision for RNW Media and builds commitment and capacity of staff around Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.

Positioning in the organisation

Senior position in the Programmes and Implementation unit. Reports to Director of Digital Programmes.

Key responsibilities

  • Develops a high level PMEL vision for RNW Media with special focus on strategy and innovation on digital interventions.
  • Builds the commitment and capacity of staff to design programmes and projects that are aligned with RNW Media’s strategic objectives and are informed by evidence about interventions with highest likelihood to achieve positive change.
  • Develops and implements PMEL methodologies, tools and systems to capture and demonstrate programme progress.
  • Designs and manages development of effective data digital indicators as part of a strategic PMEL framework linked to RNW Media’s Theories of Change.
  • Ensures strategic design and implementation of baseline, mid-term and end of project evaluations, surveys and other components of the programme’s PMEL system and ensures that lessons learnt are internalised by staff.
  • Directly contributes to the development and implementation of PMEL tools and systems to improve ability to collect, interpret and aggregate data that demonstrate programme progress, accountability and impact.
  • Sets up a strategic learning agenda and put systems in place to capture learnings and share them effectively across programmes and the organisation.
  • Recommends and supports implementation of changes to programmes and (digital) intervention strategies based on learning and evaluations.
  • Determines appropriate roles and responsibilities in relation to PMEL and sets up clear, effective and efficient processes and procedures for staff.
  • Ensures strategic and tactical collaboration with Business Development and ensures all newly developed proposals include: quality results frameworks that are linked with overall organisational goals, include relevant and clear outcomes and SMART indicators, and that they include an appropriate monitoring plan.
  • Is functionally responsible for the work of two PMEL Specialists and one trainee.
  • Works closely with different teams (data and digital, country teams, data strategists, programmes and implementation department, etc.) in all related processes.

Knowledge and experience

  • At least 8 years of professional experience in programme design, planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) in an international development context, including designing, managing, and implementing PMEL processes, systems and tools analysing and reporting using Theory of Change, and other strategic planning approaches. Experience with monitoring and evaluating digital interventions and digital marketing methods is considered a plus.
  • Master Degree in international development, social sciences, information sciences or another relevant field.
  • Experience in building and mentoring a PMEL team.
  • Knowledge of and experience with qualitative and quantitative (digital) research methods.
  • Skilled in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, reporting and translating this into meaningful insights to best evaluate and communicate the evidence of impact to a range of different audiences.
  • Excellent English writing, editing, verbal, and presentation skills and a specific ability to synthesise and present complex information in a simple, meaningful way to a variety of audiences. Extensive knowledge of the English and preferably French, Arabic, Spanish or Chinese language.
  • Excellent relationship building skills, with an ability to influence and motivate people at all levels.
  • Experience of working with external consultants, researchers, academics, and strategic partners.
  • Preferably experience/knowledge with SRHR and Human Rights/Democracy programmes.
  • Experience with Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs funding or similar is desirable.
  • Experience with Theory of Change methodology is highly desirable.

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