Customer Service Representative in Lisbon (Portugal)

Where: Lisbon (Portugal)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

Who are we?

OutSystems provides the most trusted platform for low-code application development, allowing companies to easily build web and mobile applications, integrate it with existing systems, and add their own custom code when needed. We are able to build customized enterprise-grade apps in a breeze, sky-rocketing our customers towards digital transformation and taking the pain out of the software development process.

We are a recognized industry leader, trusted by hundreds of companies from 22 industries across 33 countries. Don’t believe what we say? Go and see for yourself what our happy customers have been saying about us.

How can you help us?

Customer Service Associates play a key role in helping OutSystems community with their questions, guiding users of our website so that they can have a better understanding of our products potentialities and helping customers overcome any challenge they may have with our platform.

As you come in, get ready for an initial ramp-up program, in which we will prepare you to deal with every interaction challenge you might face. Besides that, you’ll always have skilled fellow resources prepared to help you at anytime. We believe in growing our people, so we are preparing you to grow and maximize your potential – in this, or in other parts of our organization.

Challenges and responsibilities

As a Customer Service Associate you will be working in areas such as:

  • Handle calls, emails and chat sessions with our Worldwide customer base;

  • Register and triage technical challenges and business issues related to the OutSystems Platform;

  • Query the Knowledge Base to find immediate response to known problems;

  • Route the issues to the second line teams, and monitor the responses to these incidents to observe agreed Service Levels;

  • Update the customers about pending incidents, managing their expectations on the time to solution and progress status;

  • Advocate for customers and help define ways to continually add value to the customer experience.

All this work has the goal of enabling the success of OutSystems customers. You are part of this experience and your contribution is a game-changer!

Key Requirements

  • Available to work in shifts;

  • Fluent English verbal and written skills;

  • General business computing skills;

  • Passion for people interaction and technology;

  • Friendly and helpful approach to customers going through difficult situations;

  • General interest in problem-solving and troubleshooting;

  • Able to work in a creative (and fun) environment under minimal supervision;

  • Proactive attitude, suggesting new ways to do things better. Lead the change;

  • Team player with great work ethics and accountability.


Bachelors or Masters Degree in a related field.


Working as Customer Service Associate means you will be required to master several technologies. The major requirements for this position include:

  • Knowledge of problem tracking or ticketing systems;

  • Telephony, email and chat proficiency;

  • Business document writing, editing and management;

  • Good understanding of search syntax to find the right content in technical repositories.


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