Sales Operation Manager in Rabat (Morocco)

Where: Rabat (Morocco)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Main responsibilities


  • Data Management: You design the processes and manage / evaluate data to reach all types of sales objectives such as
  1. identify/manage new leads
  2. manage sales opportunities determine the health of an account
  3. identify growth opportunities
  4. evaluate the  effectiveness of a product or campaign.
  • Application Management: You design and specify the tools that will produce data for the sales team, as a consequence you must oversee and master the use of various applications and platforms.
  • Training and documentation: You have the responsibility of training and ensure change management with new and current employees on Sales processes, as well as creating / maintaining associated relevant process documentation.
  • Evaluation and Implementation: You evaluate processes and data, you ensure the success of a product/process implementation with adapted change management measures.
  • Performance Management: You build and maintain dashboards for sales activity reporting, metrics and performance indicators.
  • Sales Team Organisation: You participate to a global efficient sales team organisation.


Skills and experience we are looking for


  • Good communication skills
  • Analytical analysis skills such as design dashboards,  tracking and analysing large sets of data, recognising trends
  • Change management capacities associated with strong leadership skills to take care of training and implement processes
  • Native English speakers prefered, bilingual is accepted since you’ll be communicating with collaborators worldwide
  • An experience in sales will be highly valued
  • A broad experience of various sales platforms (Salesforce)  and data applications is expected

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