Customer Service Representative in Frankfurt (Germany)

Where: Schwalbach, Frankfurt (Germany)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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The company is looking for Customer Service Representative (m/f) to be based inNeu-Isenburg (Germany).


The Customer Service Representative (CSR) interfaces with customers and multiple business and functional partners to deliver exceptional service to customers and profitability to Dow. By building successful relationships, they pull together and align multiple internal resources and capabilities, toward the goal of zero defect customer satisfaction.

They manage the entry of orders, from initial contact with the customer or electronic channel, through material flow, until the product arrives at the correct time, with the correct product, with the correct equipment and correct paperwork to the customer.

In the event of a service failure, the CSR initiates the corrective action for resolution of the failure, and takes the lead position in resolution for the customer. It is expected they know what it takes to go above and beyond the daily calls from customers; to build customer loyalty and confidence.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Perform Order Management Activities:
    • Handles routine and non-routine customer order activities, including managing customer demand, following up on samples, complex order entry (i.e. consignment) guiding and leading the activities of the order process utilizing work process, business strategy, and best practice to ensure high quality service. Many CSR’s manage customer inventory, using telemetry or other automated systems, with a high degree of accountability.
  • Display Customer Advocate Leadership:
    • Requires the desire and determination to meet and exceed customer expectations;Champions customer needs across all Dow functions.
    • Realizes and anticipates how events and trends are likely to affect the customer’s future needs and satisfaction.
    • CSR’s meet the demand of customer requirements through appropriate sense of urgency, with competing priorities.
    • They leverage many internal resources to optimize customer satisfaction with cost to serve objectives for Dow.
    • Intimate with customer plans, objectives and demands, through customer visits, account team activities and interactions.
  • Execute System and Technology Requirements:
    • Execute complex work processes through multiple systems and technology including: SAP, Rail Fleet System, Elemica, Telemetry, and Document Control System as examples.
    • The integration of the system requires knowledge of Supply Chain, Customer Financial Services, Planning and Invoicing. High degree of systems knowledge and understanding is required.
  • Problem Solver:
    • Makes recommendations to leverage Dow resources and capital to create business opportunities for Customer Success.
    • Demonstrates persistence in overcoming resistance or objections leads conflict resolution and reaches win- win agreements.
    • Uses knowledge of Dow and Business strategies to make decisions and take action that improve performance in their area of responsibility.
  • Order Entry:
    • Utilizing the ERP system to accurately and timely place customer orders.
    • The CSR typically works with a very complex combination of order scenarios, such as multiple sourcing location, various modes of transport, and hundreds of products. The CSR must analyze the Business Service Standards to meet customer needs while supporting Business functional performance.
    • This requires the ability to multi-task with critical thinking skills.
  • Accountability for Action:
    • Demonstrates urgency, acts promptly and quickly removes road blocks while assessing multiple opportunities.
    • This requires prioritization by impact, and accountability for taking actions that keep things moving forward.

Critical Success Factors:

  • Exceeding customer expectations through successful customer relationships.
  • Strong working knowledge of market dynamics and customers goals and objectives.
  • Be proactive in order receipt and handling work process.
  • Create value through the optimization of freight, ability to prevent pre-buys, utilizing optimum ship points and package size as well as logistic improvements.
  • Forecasting customer order patterns.
  • Comply with internal and external control requirements.


Education/Certification/ Experience Requirements:

  • Minimum education for this position is a vocational training degree.
  • Native German speaker and fluent in English spoken and written. Knowledge of the Russian, Arabic or Turkish language would be a plus.
  • Proficiency using SAP and other technology and systems. Work process aptitude is critical to success.
  • Experience with Export countries would be beneficial.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to be versatile and flexible with team members, business partners and customers, while effectively influencing others and managing outcomes.
  • The ability to manage conflicting priorities, prioritizing both customer and company requirements while acting in a professional manner.
  • The confidence and ability to proactively address customer issues, business requirements and identify areas for improving profitability and ‘making it easier to do business with Dow.’
  • Strong, mature teamwork skills and a desire to work within a team environment. Must be willing to share ownership of successful improvement methods and teach others for the benefit of the organization.

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