Journalist in Milan (Italy)

Where: Milan (Italy)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

Experienced web journalist, full-time position based in Milan is an international branded online magazine focused on fine food.  Our aim is to get readers aware of the most exciting news and trends – from street food to top restaurants, from local products to international events – sharing with them the passion and the culture of food. To build that resource, every day we move quickly to deliver relevant contents our reader need, when they need it and where they will find it., conceived and produced by YAM112003 digital communication agency, is looking for an experienced web journalist to join our newsroom in Milan (Italy).

We are looking for a fast-moving, forward-thinking, innovative, English/American mother tongue professional. You should be able to find and create great contents for FineDiningLovers and make them accessible for our audience on social media.

We’re looking for someone with:

  • A minimum of three years experience writing and editing for the web.
  • Demonstrated experience on writing, curating and editing stories focused on food and food related items.
  • A history of identifying sharp angles and interesting stories before they hit the mainstream.
  • Headline-writing magic.
  • Incredible attention to detail and intolerance for errors.
  • Seo knowledge.
  • Experience with main social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).
  • Strong organization skills, plus experience juggling multiple daily deadlines.
  • Knowledge of CMS and common web publishing platforms.
  • Experience with Google Analytics.
  • Experience as staff writer will be considered a plus.



Tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Produce distinct daily original and curated contents plus longterm articles.
  • Coordinate part of the editorial content plan.
  • Manage FDL social channels leading to increase in followers and engagement.
  • Cover food events live on social, including live tweeting.
  • Track trends and identify emerging stories on social and on the web.

The applicant’s position is expected to develop into a senior role within the company, depending on the candidate’s performances.


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