Administrative Assistant in Washington (United States)

Where: Washington (United States)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs – Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies

Georgetown’s Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies aims to combine a thorough understanding of the Arabic language with scholarly research in the literary, linguistic and intellectual traditions of the Arab and Islamic world of the classical and modern eras. The Department offers an undergraduate major in Arabic and graduate programs at the M.A. and Ph.D. level in Arabic and Islamic Studies with concentrations in Arabic Literature, Arabic Linguistics, and Islamic Studies.

The Administrative Assistant provides administrative support to faculty, students and staff of the department.  Reporting to the department’s Business Manager, the Administrative Assistant has duties that include but are not limited to:

Academic Support

  • Assists in course scheduling and course publicity.
  • Uploads up to date course descriptions and syllabi.
  • Updates the student handbooks per instructions from DGS or Chair.
  • Generates enrollment and other academic reports as requested.
  • Assists the Directors of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies on student administrative tasks.
  • Serves as point of contact for all academic-related questions.

Student Academic Support

  • Organizes honors thesis.
  • Maintains student files.
  • Assists in organizing proficiency and placement exams.
  • Maintains study abroad documents.
  • Assists in student registrations including consortium registrations.
  • Assists in graduate admission applications.
  • Advises graduate students on administrative matters.
  • Assists in organizing comprehensive exams, thesis and dissertation defenses.
  • Plans new Graduate Student Orientation.

Faculty Academic Support

  • Assists faculty in course readings (including upload of material to blackboard, technological questions.
  • Assists in course and programs publicity.
  • Orders desk copies and textbooks.
  • Assists in classroom change or reservation requests.

Event Coordination

  • Prepares flyer and e-mail announcements.
  • Makes conference room reservations.
  • Makes arrangements for catering set up/clean up.
  • Assigns event tasks to work-study students if needed.
  • Makes arrangements for technology setup.

Office Support and Administration

  • Represents the Department at the front desk and through Department’s telephone and e-mail, responding to, or redirecting, the Department’s telephone calls and e-mails appropriately.
  • Assists with backstops the other department staff in office maintenance and administrative tasks as required.
  • Reports and follows up on routine maintenance and housekeeping with Facilities Management.
  • Administers hourly time-sheets collection and proper filling.
  • Performs faculty meeting note taking.
  • Orders supplies and keeps maintenance of supplies cabinets.
  • Resolves Xerox and other technological issues, including printers’ connectivity.
  • Manages the department’s conference room reservations.
  • Coordinates or desk staffing.
  • Assists in copying, filing, the use of cubicles, and keys administration.
  • Updates the handbook guide for Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs.
  • Services as Department Technology Representative and ensures website information is current and correct.
  • Receives letters and packages to distribute appropriately.
  • Provides guidance to work-study students on assigned tasks.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2 years of administrative experience

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