Quality & CS Coordinator in Paris (France)

Where: Creteil, Paris (France)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English


The missions of the Quality and Customer Satisfaction Direction are the following:

  • Develop, follow and improve the customer satisfaction to the quality of service
  • Animate and coordinate the Europe Quality network
  • Follow the return, delay and action plan indicators
  • Take care of CE product compliance in Europe

Prioritise quality subjects to other entities of the group depending on the impacts

Our clients are the subsidiaries and the final consumers.

Our partners are the labs , Global Quality, Global Engineering (GE) and the Marketing.


Nature of work:

  • Participate to quality projects in collaboration with global quality, GE, and/or marketing
  • Define the accurate KPIs for the quality projects in order to follow key activities as new products or improvements
  • Follow, analyse and communicate customer satisfaction indicators: returns, complaints, satisfaction surveys, and so on
  • Design IT tools to measure the customer satisfaction, the product quality and the customer service: service rate from the order to the delivery, return analysis, complaints, and so on.
  • Analyse reasons and consequences to anticipate the customer unsatisfaction and lead the actions plans with the experts.


This job position will interest:

Someone with an engineering, pharmaceutical or business school background (5 years after the baccalaureat) and with 1 to 3 years of experience in quality or production. It will be also valuable an experience in planification and project management.


It is mandatory to be fluent in English (writing and speaking)

It is also need to be/have:

  • Knowledge of Essilor group products
  • Capacity to evaluate and diagnose
  • Capacity to convince and engage
  • Dynamic
  • Capacity of leadership and being trustful
  • Customer oriented
  • Flexible


The following competencies will also be appreciated for this position:

  • Being analytical, structured and communicative
  • Capacity to listen, to reformulate and to synthesize
  • Being curious

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