Pricing Specialist in Budapest (Hungary)

Where: Budapest (Hungary)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

What you’ll be doing:

As Pricing specialist, you will be in charge of:
  • The role holder will manage 3rd party access costing requests from pan-BT sales channels & external distribution channels.
  • The role holder will evaluate, verify & manage access requirements & obtain appropriate access costs for customer bids, on behalf of pan-BT sales channels, responding within required timeframes, and will provide specific access related advice & assistance to support customer access requirements
  • The role holder will establish close working relationships with access costing teams within supplier & partner organisations to ensure requests are handled efficiently & responses are timely & accurate.
  • The role holder will identify improvements that can be made in processes, costing tools, web resources etc & feedback to appropriate person/team for implementation.
  • The role holder will support the development and delivery of individual pricing tactical proposals, policies, processes, compliance and data.
  • The role holder will manage processes required to gain approval for individual pricing strategies, tactical proposals, policies and processes.
  • The role holder will support creation of price designs for specific products, customer segments or customer bids.
  • The role holder will be part of support infrastructure for cross functional pricing activity, industry and regulator debate and customer pricing issues for specified products or within customer segments


We’ll also need to see these on your CV:

Soft skills:
  • Ability to meet the customers’ needs in line with the business requirements
  • Focusing on the objectives and the required outcomes of the processes during delivering a service
  • Working with a cooperative and positive attitude in a group settings to achieve common goals
  • The ability to convey information to someone effectively and efficiently while creating a good first impression and engaging the audience
  • Ability to comprehend and to systematically organize the various aspects of a problem or situation
  • Taking the responsibility and takes care of the consequences of making a decision
  • Acting in advance of a future situation, e.g. making things happen, putting energy to solve the situation
  • Authority – Supports evaluation of pricing strategies, designs, policy and processes
  • Influence – Strong commercial skills able to provide advice to others on price design, commercial issues, processes and compliance issues.
  • Budget – Aware of the commercial impacts associated with the control of expenditure and budgets.

Professional skills:
  • Entry level qualifications or relevant experience.
  • Experience – Understanding of pricing and commercial principles. Could be an entry level.
  • Demonstrable communication, interpersonal and relationship management skills.
  • Sound numerical, pricing and price compliance skills required to support commercially and regulatory sound decisions.

Language skills:
  • English on a fluent level
  • German on a fluent level

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