Business Intelligence Associate in Cardiff (United Kingdom)

Where: Cardiff (United Kingdom)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Your role

The focus of our work will vary according to the specific issues with which the client is particularly concerned. Typically, however, high volume Integrity Due Diligence would focus on – amongst other issues – confirming that a subject exists and searching for reports (for example, in media articles or internet publications) of the subject’s involvement in ‘red flag’ issues, including the use of illegal methods to achieve business goals, using political links to gain a commercial advantage and (where relevant) involvement with organised crime groups.

We are currently seeking to fill a number of vacant Cardiff-based Researcher positions within the UK BIS team to conduct high volume searches. Good written English and grammatical skills are vital and – in addition to speaking and writing English to native standard – candidates should ideally be fluent in two or more other languages.


The Associate role will have responsibility for:

  • Undertaking online research in English and/or the relevant language/s
  • Gathering information on large numbers of both companies and individuals through online public record sources relating to a wide range of territories
  • Compiling detailed and accurate written reports of research findings

Your work, your choice

How long does impact take? How long is a piece of string? How many seconds does a solution contain? How can we possibly tell? After all, impact can be huge or small. Immediate or years in the making. At Deloitte we believe the best impact is the value we add, not the hours we sit at our desk.

We, therefore, carefully consider agile ways of working, both formal and informal, that allow for the best impact for our people and our clients. If the working pattern you are looking for is not specifically indicated below, we are happy to discuss alternative arrangements.

Location: Central Cardiff

Suggested work pattern: Permanent full-time

Your professional experience

We are looking for:

  • Good degree (2:1 or above) ideally in a discipline requiring research and writing skills (for example: international relations, politics, history, economics, languages or linguistics)
  • Fluency (spoken and written) in Romanian or Hungarian + another language and fluency in written and spoken English
  • Ability to use own initiative to follow up research leads, whilst being aware of information gathering methods that would not be acceptable to Deloitte
  • Creative approach to the use of the internet for research
  • Strong analytical skills and the ability to draw concise, evidence-based conclusions from research conducted
  • The ability to pay attention to detail – ensuring that vital information is neither missed nor misreported
  • Good oral and written communication skills – precision and full fluency in formal written business English is essential.
  • The ideal candidate will have a flair for written work and be able to produce high quality documents under time pressure
  • The ability to work well in a small team and to follow specific instructions given by the relevant manager
  • Ability to structure research and reporting in a logical manner
  • Ability to deal with a large number of requests at any one time and to work through them methodically
  • Ability to switch between several different tasks and respond to unexpected deadlines and priorities. Our researchers will be expected to work on more than one assignment at any one time and must have the ability to prioritise work and balance conflicting demands for work
  • Working/work effectively in diverse teams within an inclusive team culture where people are recognised for their contribution

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