Technical Training Team Leader in Cesena (Italy)

Where: Cesena (Italy)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Mission of the Role

Design and implement a new certification process in line with the best standards (Medical Equipment), which allows a better alignment of the competencies of all Technogym technicians


Key Role Responsibilities

1. Design a new certification process in line with the best standards (Medical Equipment)
2. Simplify and speed up the preparation of the training material (e-learning)
3. Training and certification of “Train the Trainer”
4. Ensure fast and detailed training to all tehnicians around the world
5. Make sure that all technicians receive adequate preparation and mandatory training before proceeding with any technical interventions
6. Ensure traceability of the training and certification process (end-to-end mapping)

Required Technical and Personal Skills

  1. Good Project Management skills (methodologies and tools)
  2. Planning and management of product and sales training
  3. Strong technical approach (knowledge and passion for product repair procedures)
  4. Problem solving and corrective actions techniques
  5. Knowledge of integrated standard management systems
  6. Knowledge of digital and IT tools
  7. English mandatory, additional language is preferred (Spanish)
  8. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  9. Passion for and knowledge of wellness industry



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