Social Media Editor in Berlin (Germany)

Where: Berlin (Germany)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

„ Editorial planning and copywriting for the global social media channels of one of the most exciting automotive brands in the world.
“ Developing and producing social media contents, campaigns and formats together with art direction and editorial lead.
„ Managing social media content with a social media planning tool.
“ Producing social media contents in realtime at events (e.g. Instagram stories).

„ You have a degree, preferably in one of the following fields: journalism, media- and communication management, marketing, digital media) or comparable training.
“ Relevant work experience in a media or agency environment.
„ Native fluency in English with a strong command of German.
“ Experience in the production of digital content, are able to implement communication strategies and are familiar with working with age-specific content.
„ You have an in-depth understanding of various social media formats (e.g. Instagram stories, Facebook ad formats) as well as a strong awareness of trends and topics.
“ Ideally you have experience with and interest in automotive topics.
„ You have a reliable and independent work ethic and are able to advise customers with confidence and competence.


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