Customer Support Agent in London (United Kingdom)

Where: Luton, London (United Kingdom)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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About the position
Our client work with one of the world’s largest automotive companies to provide multilingual customer service. This involves providing essential emergency support to drivers in time of accidents or emergencies.


  • Confidence and experience with customer service are a must, world class training will be provided to give you the skills, confidence and knowledge to grow and develop within your role.
  • Effectively answer all types of customer call including emergency, non-emergency calls and general inquiries.
  • Using the latest technology, you will assist drivers and their passengers through all call types, including; routing throughout Europe, performing vehicle diagnostics remotely and providing emergency assistance.
  • Analyse the information received from the caller, using accurate decision making and judgement skills to provide an efficient and effective service, whilst showing care, compassion and understanding. You must stay level-headed, professional and patient.
  • When an emergency incident occurs, you must consider the health and safety requirements of drivers and their passengers and co-ordinate an appropriate response to the situation; including calling and coordinating the emergency services in the relevant country.
  • Using persuasive and negotiating skills you must keep an unstable or distressed caller on the line until emergency help arrives. This often involves overcoming barriers in understanding, such as language and cultural differences.
  • Keep up to date on operations and systems understanding to enable great customer service
  • Take responsibility for ensuring all documentation is precise and accurate.


  • At least 12 months’ customer service experience working in a similar fast paced environment.
  • Fluent in English & Finnish, plus ideally fluency in another European language.
  • Able to work a fully flexible 24/7 pattern, (further information on rotational shifts can be confirmed).
  • Ability to quickly develop a rapport with customers and emergency services over the phone.
  • The sensitivity and professionalism to effectively manage pressurised situations.
  • Previous contact centre experience is preferred but is not essential.
  • Confident PC user.

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