Project Manager in Stockholm (Sweden)

Where: Stockholm (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

About the project
RFSL Stockholm has been granted project funding for RFSL Newcomers Stockholm from the County Administrative Board. The aim of this project is to create a safe venue for LGBTQ people who are asylum seekers or newly arrived migrants by arranging social activities and create a venue for creativity, engagement and development.

About the employment
As project manager you are responsible for the project, which means that you make sure that all activities within it are arranged and documented.
Important tasks within the employment is:
To recruit suitable volunteers, coordinate and educate them.
To have the ability to treat people in extremely vulnerable life situations with empathy and to be able to convey the feeling of safety.
The employment contains varying tasks of both practical and administrative nature. Within the project we want to actively work with developing the operations. Therefore you have an important task in working with a long-term perspective to build a stable operation.

To apply for this job you need:
Experience of migration matters, as a former asylum seeker, or of working closely with asylum seekers.
Knowledge of LGBTQ asylum seekers life situation and experiences.
Good knowledge in English.
Experience from project management.
Experience of recruiting, educating and coordinating volunteers.

It is a merit if you have:
Knowledge of sexual health/hiv/std for LGBTQ migrants.
Experience of working with trans persons and their life situation.
Knowledge about facilitation, coordinating groups and arranging workshops and lectures.
Experience in supporting and guiding LGBTQ persons in the asylum process.
Knowledge about any of these languages: Arabic, Dari, Farsi or French.
The ability of verbally communicating confidently in Swedish.
Experience of networking, preferentially with other LGBTQ organizations.


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