Technical Support in Bruxelles (Belgium)

Where: Bruxelles (Belgium)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English


  • Treat all inbound 1st line technical or administrative support requests (by phone, e-mail, tickets)

– Assist new merchants in set-up of their account, both in technical as well as in administrative way
– Provide additional information about products, offers and technical solutions
– Investigate ongoing or new incoming incidents

  • Participate actively in projects with close interactions with other departments and management
  • Ensure continuity of our merchant business by responding quickly and taking correct measurements on day-to-day tasks


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent by experience
  • You have been there & done that for at least 1-3 years
  • Results are your main drivers
  • You feel very passionate about communication & taking care of customers
  • Curious to learn new ideas and concepts and broaden your horizon

Must have

  • Une très bonne connaissance de français est nécessaire ; and oh yes, being able to communicate in English is key as well
  • Knowledge of Spanish, German and/or Italian is considered a big plus
  • Average IT knowledge/passion (e.g. HTML, general internet protocol, etc.)
  • You take end to end responsibility of the challenges/opportunities that customers bring to the table
  • You love working together in team to come up with the perfect solution to every problem

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