Service Delivery Manager in Lisbon (Portugal)

Where: Lisbon (Portugal)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Day-to-day responsibilities:
  • Successful service delivery, establishing process controls to ensure all SLA’s and KPI’s are consistently met
  • Mapping clients’ requirements and coordinating in developing and implementing processes in line with pre-set guidelines
  • Monitoring overall performance of services, collaborating with senior management on client account management and growth 
  • Identifying improvement areas and implementing adequate measures to maximize customer satisfaction level
  • Building service reports and sponsoring service delivery meetings
  • Administering scheduling systems, planning, monitoring, appraising, and reviewing job contributions, enforcing policies and procedures
  • Creating awareness on driving projects, process improvement strategy & methodology and ensuring maximum operational efficiency
  • Good communication around issues and opportunities. Get things done, make things happen
Basic Qualifications:
  • Significant experience in Team management/ Client Management/ Operations Delivery 
  • Fluency in English and one or more of the following languages is mandatory: French, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Russian
  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Proficiency in Client products, including email, Calendar, Client Drive (docs, spreadsheets, drawings)
  • Data analysis and process improvement experience will be an advantage
Professional Skills Requirements: 
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment
  • Proactivity with a strong work ethic and eagerness to go the extra mile for self and with team
  • Passion for social media
  • Neutral mindset to alternative video content that needs classification 
  • Resourcefulness and creative thinking
  • Must have some inclination/ viewpoint towards any/some of the following :
    • Social media regulation
    • Online free speech
    • Govt regulated Internet controls
    • Support for vulnerable sections of the society
    • EU policy making
    • Business process efficiency
    • Project management,
    • Quality Improvement & Continuous improvement concepts

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