Junior IT Consultant in Malmö (Sweden)

Where: Malmö (Sweden)

Extent of Work: Full Time

Click here to apply in English

Your role in the team

We are looking for a service desk agent to join us and work with one of our biggest customers in an international team. As a service desk agent you will be the customer’s first point of contact regarding IT-support. You will be handling everything from the most common issues around the Client operating system and standard applications, to more specific issues regarding the infrastructure directly connected to the client. Everyday contact with customers and the service experience that you will provide them with, that is what it´s all about.

In this role you will be given the opportunity to challenge yourself with new variable assignments in different areas, or simply be part of a larger existing service delivery. In other words, there are opportunities for development with us. Either by Atea-paid certifications from the biggest and most well-known suppliers or simply by sheer experience. Eventually you may have found your niche and then it’s time to join a new team in Atea and on the way to meet even more wonderful colleagues who share your drive in IT.

To succeed as an IT consultant at Atea, you need these qualifications.

• A passion for IT and service.
• Very good communication and teaching skills.
• Logical thinking and troubleshooting methodology.
• Good knowledge of how a computer is built and functions, mainly concerning common applications and Microsoft OS in both client and server.
French and English in both speech and writing.

• Work experience in the IT industry.
• Swedish in both speech and writing
• Knowledge of networking (TCP / IP, DNS, DHCP) and Active Directory (AD).
• Knowledge of ITIL
• Driver’s license (B)
• Professional experience in methodical troubleshooting and corrective maintenance of computers and peripherals. (e.g. Microsoft’s operating system, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, networking and communications, printers, and peripherals.) Personal characteristics Your personal qualities are very important for us for you to succeed in the role as an IT consultant at Atea.

We want to find: – Dedicated employees; Who are curious, want to learn and above all have a passion for IT. – Tireless employees; With passion for long-term goals and development. – Responsible employees; Who take responsibility for their tasks, appointments, commitments, customers, Atea and above all their own development. – Service-oriented employees; As always give the customer the best experience in all situations, technically as well as socially. It is about building a team with the customer and your colleagues around you.


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