Customer Service Representative in New York (United States)

Where: Hackensack, New York (United States)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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Job Description

About SUEZ in North America

SUEZ in North America operates across all 50 states and Canada with 6,700 employees dedicated to environmental sustainability and smart and sustainable resource management. The company provides drinking water, wastewater and waste collection service to 6.4 million people on a daily basis; treats over 600 million gallons of water and over 450 million gallons of wastewater each day; delivers water treatment and advanced network solutions to 16,000 industrial and municipal sites; processes 55,000 tons of waste for recycling; and rehabilitates and maintains water assets for more than 4,000 municipal and industrial customers. The company is a subsidiary of Paris-based SUEZ.


Performs assigned tasks within established procedures in various phases of the customer service operations. As assigned, duties may include:

Required to utilize Video Display Terminals in the daily processing of customer inquiries.

Responds to customer inquiries; completes calls or relays information as necessary pertaining to customer billings and other problems.

Prepares necessary source documents to effect change to customer accounts and amending or adjusting consumption and revenue.

Opens, separates, and distributes incoming departmental mail, including processing of customer payments.

Records and processes meter readings supplied by customers.

Performs receptionist duties, including operation of switchboard.

Checks telephone bills and maintains record of all toll calls (including permissible personal calls passing through board).

Representative must possess good communication skills.

Performs other similar or less skilled work as assigned.

Assists employees of a higher classification as assigned.

Required Skills

Operates company systems, devices and software applications

Must possess good verbal and written communication skills.

Strong problem solving skills and ability to independently follow through on tasks and projects.

Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds

Must pass entry level test

Required Experience

1-2 years customer service environment.



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