Team Leader in Tirana (Albania)

Where: Tirana (Albania)

Extent of Work: Full Time, Fixed Term

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The Team Leader shall be in charge of solving all logistical issues related to the mission, coordination of the mission and timely delivery of results and the overall consistency of the analysis conducted by his team. The Team Leader shall also ensure that the other expert fully understand the assignment and are briefed about EU methodology related to sector support programmes.

The team should gather the information via the interne’ and by electronic contact with the EU Delegation and process during the desk study phase before their first field mission(s) to Albania. This is in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of work/requests:meetings with stakeholders. The team will have to manage a substantial amount of documents in order to produce required outputs in a clear, concise and incisive manner. It is expected that experts ahead of their first mission to Albania have read and understood the publications on EU aid delivery methods published on the EuropeAid website: https: ‘’europeaid:guidelines-sector-support-programmes_en, namely on Sector programmes and the Budget Support Guidelines and relevant documents on the justice sector that will be provided by the EU Delegation.


•Master’s or higher Degree in development studies, law, economics, administration and management or equivalent professional experience of at least 12 years
•Excellent writing and communication skills
•Fluency in written and spoken English (C1 Level).
•PC literacy;
General professional experience
•At least 10 years of relevant professional experience working for design or implementation of EU or other donor funded cooperation programmes.
Specific professional experience
•Experience of at least 3 years in working on projects in the context of EU accession process;
•Experience of drafting at least 3 policyistrategyiassessment papers in relation to property rights reform issues;
•At least one assignment in supporting property rights reforms in former communist countries;
•Experience in EU or other donor assistance programme preparation, formulation;
•Experience as a Team leader in at least one donor funded assistance project.

•Working language
Requirement for the team:
a)at least two previous completed assignments in the formulation, monitoring and / or evaluation of programmes related to fundamental rights; property rights;
b)at least one member of the team to have experience in assessing financial impact of property rights reforms would be an advantage
r Interviews.
The EUD may request a telephone interview with the proposed Team Leader, of which the contractor will be notified at least 5 working days prior to the proposed date for an interview.
r Starting period
The assignment should begin on 17 September 2018 (tentative starting date)
•Foreseen finishing period or duration.


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